Home Page of the Australian Whipcrackers and Plaiters Association

Membership from all over the world is welcomed.

Please Note* Members wanting public liability insurance for performing or teaching will have to pay $50.00 and fill out the attached form.

Your standard membership will entitle you to receive up to 6 "Get Cracking" newsletters  a year on what's happening in the world of whipcracking.  In the newsletter there are very interesting articles that are a must for any whipcracking and plaiting enthusiast.  By becoming a member of the AWPA you will be able to compete from State to State in competitions run under the AWPA, affiliate clubs, or individual members.    You can see a sample copy of the newsletter here.

Membership within Australia is $30.00 per/adult and overseas members $50.00 or if you select newsletter by email its only $30.00. Membership must be renewed on the 1st of July each year.  Please contact an affiliated club, or individual in your state if you are close to a local club.  Membership to affiliated clubs includes membership to the AWPA.

Overseas Members can pay through PayPal by emailing the money to webmaster(at)australianwhipcracking.org or click on the link below.

Australian Members can download an AWPA membership form.

Overseas members will only need to fill out the membership form if competing, performing or teaching whipcracking within Australia.  Please contact the secretary for an international membership form.

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