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"The AWPA in no way at all supports the sport of whipcracking performed in a way that portrays an unprofessional image, and members are expected to uphold whipcracking in a professional manner."

WARNING:  DO take care when cracking your whip, make sure there is no one near you.  When a whip cracks the tip is travelling at over 1400 feet per second.  That is faster than the speed of sound and in some cases faster than a bullet.  If your whip hits anything or anyone when it cracks it is quite capable of cutting flesh and breaking bones. It is also possible to loose your eye sight if you don't take the proper safety precautions.

NOISE: Be aware that by cracking your whips, where there are close neighbours, or in a park,  you may upset some people by excessive cracking.  If you can organize a group in your area to crack whips in a park you will find that you will be much more accepted.  Please don't contact us to ask what to do if you are having trouble with your neighbours!

Safety Gear Recommended to wear when cracking a whip:

1. A wide brimmed hat.

2. Safety glasses

3. Ear Plugs

For Demonstrations and competitions a roped off area of around 15mtrs x 15mtrs is recommended.  A first aid kit must also be present according to insurance stipulations.

Performers or teachers must fill out a "PERFORMERS INSURANCE FORM" to be covered under AWPA insurance.  This is available from our Secretary.

Disclaimer - The AWPA, individual or entity involved cannot be held liable for any injuries caused through misuse of the information found on this site.  The AWPA does not endorse any of the information or materials found on other websites that have links to them from this site!

See whipcracking rules.


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