Welcome to the website of the Australian Whipcrackers and Plaiters Association also known as the AWPA.  The AWPA through this website aims to keep its members and others informed of all that's happening with whipcracking around the world and to promote Whipcracking as a great family sport.  The AWPA aims to have a "State Whipcracking Championships" run in each state of Australia under the common AWPA rules by affiliated clubs, or an individual and encourage members from around the world to run whipcracking competitions.  The AWPA is a world leader in setting high standards for whipcracking and as such would like to see the AWPA rules used to lift the standard of whipcracking championships right around the world.  If you have a whipcracking event/competition happening in your area and you are not a member of the AWPA please visit Non-AWPA Events in the Calendar of Events. 

The AWPA was formed in March, 1992 on the banks of the Ovens River in Victoria and is going from strength to strength.  A big thanks needs to go to all of the founding members for making this a great association. (You know who you are.)

52 AWPA members were privileged to put on a display of whipcracking in the Opening Ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.  This really opened the eyes of the world to Australian Whipcracking.   Also visit the Australian Whipcracking Champions page for a list of past and current whipcracking champions. Visit the News page for recent Championship results and other items of interest.

If you are interested in supporting Australian Whipcracking then we would encourage you to become a member of the AWPA and participate in whipcracking competitions wherever possible.  Also if you would like to sponsor whipcracking please visit our sponsorship page.

If you are wanting information on whips to use please contact an AWPA whipmaker. For video's/DVD see this page.   For competition rules see here.

To make others aware of the AWPA please include a link to us from your website. 

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